In addition to recruiting and supporting students through the Sloan Scholarship program, the Duke UCEM also runs the Sloan UCEM Affiliates program, an official channel to make the center’s programming and resources accessible to other students in UCEM-affiliated Ph.D. programs who may benefit from them by virtue of their background and experiences.

Students who are selected as Sloan UCEM Affiliates will be eligible to apply for a one-time $500 grant to support academic travel and research related costs in years 1-3 of their Ph.D. study. The Affiliates will also have access to all Duke UCEM program activities and resources, including certain components that are required.

Eligibility Criteria

To be invited as a Sloan UCEM Affiliate, a student must

  • be enrolled in one of the 10 Duke UCEM-designated Ph.D. departments;
  • be in years 1-3 of their Ph.D. study;
  • submit a brief written statement about how they hope to benefit from the Sloan UCEM Affiliate experience and how they will contribute to the UCEM’s mission, by reason of their background, culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, work, and life experiences; and
  • be endorsed by the DGS or Sloan Faculty champion in their Ph.D. program.

Requirements for Affiliates

Once selected as a Sloan UCEM Affiliate, a student must


The Duke UCEM works with its affiliate Ph.D. programs each fall to identify and select Sloan UCEM Affiliates. Please contact if you have questions about the program.