ShirtThe Graduate School takes pride in providing strong financial support for our Ph.D. students so that they can concentrate on their academic pursuits. In addition to their funding package, doctoral students also have access to important financial resources, such as health insurance, childcare subsidies, and funds to help cover significant medical expenses.

Financial Support for Students

The Duke UCEM provides each Sloan Scholar with $40,000 in supplemental funding in addition to their standard Ph.D. support. This additional funding is intended to be used in support of the Scholars’ academic progress and enrichment, and it will disbursed over the Scholars’ first three years. Scholars will also receive Sloan Professional Development Grants, which provide up to $500 to support conference travel and individual professional development activities.

Financial Support for Faculty Champions

Faculty champions will have departmental access to about $600 per Scholar for mentoring-related meetings and activities. Faculty champions also receive $1,000 per year for their UCEM service upon completing the faculty champion orientation.