Sloan Scholars orientation

Being selected as a Sloan Scholar means a lot more than just extra funding. For the duration of their time at Duke, Sloan Scholars will be at the heart of a new model of support designed to help them succeed by empowering them to fully engage with and integrate into the Duke community.

Sloan Scholars at Duke will receive:

Significant supplemental funding

Sloan Scholars receive $40,000 in supplemental funding over the first five years of study in support of their academic progress and enrichment. This is in addition to the standard support package for Duke Ph.D. students, which provides five years of guaranteed funding that includes a competitive stipend, tuition remission, coverage of mandatory fees, and six years of free health insurance. | Details

An early start in their programs

In the summer before their first semester, newly admitted Sloan Scholars will participate in the Early Start Research Immersion Program. This program runs from July to mid-August, giving Scholars a head start in becoming immersed in their programs and learning about resources, opportunities, and communities at Duke. * | Details

* – Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the Duke UCEM will not be able to hold an in-person Early Start in summer 2021. We will instead offer a series of online sessions to help incoming Sloan Scholars become acquainted with resources, faculty, and staff at Duke.

Extensive mentoring support

The Duke UCEM has created an extensive support infrastructure to ensure that Sloan Scholars have the mentoring they need for success in graduate school. At the heart of this infrastructure are the faculty champions — designated faculty members within each Duke UCEM Ph.D. program who will play an active role in guiding Sloan Scholars during their time at Duke. | Details

Robust co-curricular programming

Each year, Sloan Scholars will take part in talks, lunches, and check-ins designed to support them in the areas of academics, mentoring, professional development, and wellness. | Details