Natalie at 2020 Research Summit

Sloan Scholar Natalie Rozman presenting during the 2020 Duke UCEM Research Summit

The Duke UCEM provides three important programs to complement existing resources to help Sloan Scholars integrate into the academic community at the university and within their own departments:

  • Early Start Research Immersion Program: This two-month pre-matriculation experience is designed to smooth Sloan Scholars’ transition to graduate school by 1) giving them an early immersion in their departments so they can start connecting with peer and faculty mentors, and 2) familiarizing them with resources and opportunities at Duke and beyond that can help them succeed.
  • Sloan Research Summit: We host an annual, campus-wide, daylong symposium where Sloan Scholars present their research. This is an opportunity for Sloan Scholars to engage intellectually with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates within and beyond their academic fields and to begin forging mentoring relationships.
  • Joint programming with BioCoRE: Sloan Scholars will participate in one joint event per month with the Duke Biosciences Collaborative for Research Engagement (BioCoRE), a program designed to diversify and support Duke’s bioscience community. BioCoRE offers a network of more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 200 faculty affiliates. The events will focus on academic, scientific, and professional skill development, as well as on social engagement and wellness.