On November 8 and 10, Duke UCEM Director Jacqueline Looney conducted two workshops with Sloan Scholars to discuss the importance of grit, based on psychologist Angela Duckworth’s New York Times best-selling book on the power of passion and perseverance. Sloan Scholars took Duckworth’s grit test beforehand and discussed aspects of grit during the workshop. They also received a copy of Duckworth’s book.

Quick Takeaways

Based on responses from the Sloan Scholars who participated

Group of Sloan Scholars discussing grit-related questions

Grit isn’t just the perseverance to do the hard things. But it is also resisting giving up when faced with challenges you didn’t expect.

When discouraged or feeling inadequate, remember by showing up and giving your best effort, something will change.

Be more accepting of failures as opportunities.

Our talent is only part of the story. What we do with it matters.

4 Characteristics that the Grittiest People Share (from Duckworth’s Research)

  1. Duke UCEM director Jacqueline Looney delivers her presentation to Sloan ScholarsInterest: being deeply interested in what you are working on
  2. Practice: having discipline and effort
  3. Purpose: what motivates you to keep going
  4. Hope: a belief that your dreams are within reach

Workshop Photos